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Common Brown Antlion - Myrmeleon acer

Family Myrmeleontidae

This page contains pictures and information about Common Brown Antlions that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 40mm
The adults are brown in colour with slender body and grey eyes. Antennae are black, short and slightly clubbed at the tip, clean wings with brown venation and white pterostigma with dark spot at base. Legs are dark brown. 
wpe1.jpg (20471 bytes) wpeC.jpg (29148 bytes)
Pictures taken near Bulimba Creek in Wishart during late summer 2005. Although it has two pair of membranous wings like the dragonfly, this Antlion adult flied slowly and short distance. 
Ant Lion1.jpg (365644 bytes)
Sand traps, diameters 40mm                                 Photo thank to Trevor Jinks
Their larvae are true Antlions, build sand traps on ground. More information about antlion's sand trap can be found in this Lacewing Biology page.
We wrongly identified this species as Myrmeleon pictifrons, corrected to Myrmeleon acer on Jun 2012. 
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