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Green-legged Matchstick
Green-body Matchstick
Brown-striped Matchstick
Mottled Matchstick 
Common Pyrgomorph
Musgrave's Psednura
Green Grass Pyrgimorph
Diving Grasshopper
Creek Grasshopper
Garden Bermius
Common Gesonula
Rice Grasshopper
Beautiful Methiola
Little Black-knees
Bicoloured Cedarinia
Eastern Inland Cedarinia
Peakesia Grasshopper
Apotropina & Perbelliina 
Epallia Grasshopper
Cooloola Shortwing
Wingless Grasshopper 
Mimetic Gumleaf Ghopper
Black-kneed Gum leaf Ghopr
Slender Gumleaf Ghopper
Gumleaf Grasshopper
Common Pardillana
Common Adreppus
Pale Stem Grasshopper  
Bark-mimicking Ghopper I
Bark-mimicking Ghopper II
Macrotona & Maclystriina
Handsome Macrotona
False Perloccia
Green-legs Grasshopper 
Spur-throated Locust
Giant Grasshopper
Froggatt's Buzzer
Golden Bandwing
Giant Green Slantface
Long-legged Bandwing 
Yellow-winged Locust 
Creek Pygmy Grasshopper
Forest Pygmy Grasshopper 
Unidentified Ghoppers 


Family Tetrigidae - Pygmy Grasshoppers

This page contains pictures and information about Pygmy Grasshoppers in family Tetrigidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Pygmy Grasshoppers, as their name imply,  are small in size. They prefer wet habitat. They may be found along watercourses, sit on mud and amongst stones along creeks. Some of them were found on rainforest floor. They feed on algae and vegetation. 

Creek Pygmy Grasshopper
wpe14.jpg (59927 bytes)
Paratettix sp., body length 10mm
You may not see any insect in this picture. But if you watch it carefully, you should see a  grasshopper in the middle. We took this picture on the water edge of a small pond at Bulimba Creek. Please check this page for more information.
Forest Pygmy Grasshopper
PWC_0007.jpg (209924 bytes) PWC_0010.jpg (162508 bytes)
Tetrix sp.,  body length 12mm
Pictures were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Jan 2009. We do not known much about this grasshopper. Please also check this page for more information.
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2. Northern Territory Insects, A Comprehensive Guide CD - Graham Brown, 2009. 


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