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Bark-mimicking Grasshopper - Coryphistes ruricola

Family Acrididae

This page contains pictures and information about the Bark-Mimicking Grasshoppers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  

Body length 50mm
They are hard to be be seen when they rest on the tree trunk. They do not move until we come very close, then they hide at the other side of the tree trunk. They look similar to another grasshopper species Adreppus fallax which also mimics the bark. This grasshopper species has elongated antennae which is sword shaped and flattened at the bases.
wpe8.jpg (50558 bytes) wpe8.jpg (53305 bytes)
Both female and male of this species are fully winged. The colour and patterns of each individual may vary a bit. 
DSC_0028.jpg (297108 bytes) DSC_0027.jpg (402465 bytes) DSC_0028.jpg (364571 bytes)
When they are resting on tree trunk, they are hardly be noticed even come very close.
DSC_0026.jpg (363939 bytes) 


DSC_1912.jpg (281786 bytes) DSC_1000.jpg (239443 bytes) PC9_2091.jpg (316155 bytes)
3rd instars                                                            4th instars
DSC_8938.jpg (340201 bytes)  
5th instars

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