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Subfamily Acridinae - Slant-faced and Band-winged Grasshoppers, Locusts


This page contains pictures and information about Slant-faced and Band-winged Grasshoppers, Locusts in subfamily Acridinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This subfamily is a large group. Several locusts species are included. Grasshoppers in this subfamily are usually medium in size. Some of them produce buzzing sound when flight. 

Tribe Acridini

Froggatt's Buzzer
DSC_3505.jpg (258087 bytes) DSC_7291.jpg (124798 bytes)
Froggattina australis, body length 25mm
When we walk on the bushland with short grass, it is common that every step we walked, we heard a loud buzzing sound. Then saw some insects jumping and flying away. They fly just above the ground surface. It was difficult to see at what was those creatures. Most likely they were the Froggatt's Buzzer grasshoppers. Please also visit this page for more details.
Golden Bandwing
DSC_2848.jpg (98138 bytes) DSC_1084.jpg (309564 bytes) PWC_8806.jpg (288152 bytes) 
Cryptobothrus chrysophorus, body length adult 30mm, nymph 15mm
The grasshopper is brown to dark brown, reassemble dry leaves colours on the ground. The abdomen and hind legs are bright orange in colour. More information and images can be found on this page.
Longheaded Grasshopper, Giant Green Slantface
wpeB.jpg (27069 bytes) DSCN2295.jpg (256973 bytes) 
Acrida conica, tribe Acridini, body length nymph 40, adult 70mm
This grasshopper is green in colour with brown strips on it head. Its head is long and with short and flat antennae. Its pair of hind legs are  long and spindly. When disturbed, it opens its wings to make noise and shows the pink-red abdomen. Click here for more information. 
wpeF.jpg (36762 bytes) DSC_2336.jpg (351070 bytes)
Caledia captiva, tribe Acridini, body length 25mm
This grasshopper is variable in colour and pattern, can be in green, brown to greyish-brown. They make sound when in flight. They are easy encountered and sometimes confused with the the locusts species. The major different are their wings are not patterned and their hind legs tibia are not red as locust. More information can be found in this page.

Tribe Oedipodini

Long-legged Bandwing
DSC_5171.jpg (303558 bytes) DSC_5159.jpg (350847 bytes)
Heteropternis obscurella, body length 30mm 
This grasshopper has the hind leg pattern on its tegmen. It has the hind leg pattern on its tegmen. This is a wide spread species but not very common in Brisbane. Please check this page for more infromation.
Yellow-winged Locust
wpe1.jpg (55396 bytes) PWC_7955.jpg (225077 bytes)
Gastrimargus musicus, body length 40mm
Yellow-winged Locusts are sometime found in Brisbane grassland. They prefer grasses of medium height. When in flight, they show their back-banded yellow hind wings with loud clicking noise. There are the red marking on their hind legs. This species has green and brown forms. More pictures and information please click on here.

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