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Giant Green Slantface - Acrida conica

Family Acrididae

This page contains pictures and information about the Giant Green Slantfaces that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  

Adult body length 70mm
The grasshopper is also known as Longheaded Grasshopper. The adult grasshopper is green in colour with brown strips on its head. Its head is in cone shape and with short and flat antennae. Its pair of hind legs are  long and spindly.
Longhe1.jpg (35260 bytes) wpe19.jpg (35838 bytes) DSCN2046.jpg (272983 bytes)
We usually found this grasshopper in the evening. Sometime they are found attracted to windows light. They usually active after sun set. The grasshopper feed on long blade grass. 
wpe1A.jpg (24196 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (26080 bytes) DSCN2274.jpg (295604 bytes)
The grasshopper has the long cone head and slant face, this explained why they are called. Also notice its flat sword-shaped antenna. Some individuals has the brown longitudinal strips on green body.   
Longhe12.jpg (48861 bytes)
This grasshopper is a slow moving insect. Although the adult grasshoppers are fully developed wings. They are poor flyers. They fly for short distance, about one to two meters, then drop and hide on floor. They make buzzing sound when in flight. 
wpe1E.jpg (40239 bytes)  wpeF.jpg (34662 bytes) DSCN2295.jpg (256973 bytes)
Their long legs are not very strong as other grasshoppers, merely for walking between tall grasses. They do not jump very well neither. The grasshoppers depend on its camouflage colour to avoid predators. When they hide in grasses, they are hardly be seen.
wpe17.jpg (22817 bytes) wpe1.jpg (40427 bytes) DSCN2038.jpg (293208 bytes)
When closely disturbed, they opens their wings to make noise and shows the pink-red abdomen. This is the secondary defence (the first defence is camouflage). In the above picture we held the grasshopper to show its red abdomen. Of cause the insect would not be too happy about this, so we let it go after taking the picture.
DSCN2278.jpg (225599 bytes) DSCN2301.jpg (265263 bytes) PWC_8989.jpg (216299 bytes)
PWC_8994.jpg (243952 bytes)  PWC_8993.jpg (252338 bytes) PWC_8990.jpg (298985 bytes)
DSC_1855.jpg (234280 bytes) DSC_1856.jpg (183058 bytes) 


wpe1B.jpg (47529 bytes) DSCN3254.jpg (342518 bytes)
3rd instars, body length 40mm.
Nymphs can be found in brown form or in green form. 
DSCN0437.jpg (269018 bytes) DSCN0434.jpg (207389 bytes) DSC_0239.jpg (186797 bytes)
4th instars, body length 40mm
Their nymphs look similar to the adults except smaller and no wings. Because of their wingless and slender body, they may be mistaken as Morabines.  

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