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Green Grass Pyrgomorph - Atractomorpha similis  or A. australis

Family Pyrgomorphidae

This page contains pictures and information about Green Grass Pyrgomorph that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Female and male, length 40mm and 30mm.
The insects in this page could be Atractomorpha similis or Atractomorpha australis. Both species look similar and can be found in Brisbane. They are almost impossible to be distinguished on photos. From the reference information, A. similis adults can be found around all year while A. australis adults found only on Feb, Mar and Apr. 
DSC_2458.jpg (322390 bytes) DSC_2459.jpg (295655 bytes) DSC_4425_.jpg (275784 bytes)
Apr 2011, White Rock                                                                                                                     Mar 2010, Carbrook Wetland
They are common in grassy and moist area.    
DSC_5458.jpg (236875 bytes) DSC_6394.jpg (242747 bytes) wpe12.jpg (24056 bytes)
May 2007, Bulimba Creek, Wishard                    Aug 2010   
This grasshopper is also known as Vegetable Grasshopper. They are common in Brisbane and easily found on grasses and other garden plants. They are small and green in colour. They do not jump very fast nor fly very far, easy to catch, but hard to be seen when they hide in grasses.
DSCN3832.jpg (209243 bytes) DSCN0990.jpg (224063 bytes) DSCN0910.jpg (169469 bytes)
May 2004                                                            Jan 2004                                                              Nymph, length 25mm
They are grass green in colour, with pink colour on their hind wings and abdomen, covered by front wings. Males are smaller than female in size. Nymphs look similar to the adults except wingless.
DSCN7816.jpg (283884 bytes) DSCN7815.jpg (294756 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (30083 bytes)
Jan 2005
wpe6.jpg (50070 bytes) wpe7.jpg (49843 bytes)
The Vegetable Grasshoppers feed on different type of leaves, mainly on dicotyledonous plants. They can be found in gardens and farms, but seldom cause large damages. 
DSC_5609.jpg (259151 bytes) DSC_5608.jpg (302177 bytes) DSC_5606.jpg (271036 bytes)
Brown form can also be found in this species.
DSC_5604.jpg (223259 bytes) DSC_5603.jpg (389957 bytes) 
May 2007 Eight Mile Plains                                                                                                              

1. A Guide to Australian Grasshoppers and Locusts - DCF Rentz, RC Lewis, YN Su and MS Upton, 2003, p57, 58. 
2. A Revision of the Australian Atractomorphini - KHL Key and DK McE.Kevan, 1980, Australian Journal of Zoology 28 (6) 717 - 773. 

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