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Catantopini, Goniaeina, Genus Goniaea - Gumleaf Grasshoppers


This page contains pictures and information about the Gumleaf Grasshoppers in Genus Goniaea that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
In Brisbane we found four species in this Genus. All of them are living on ground level among the fallen gum leaves. All of them are brown in colour camouflage as those dry leaves. Those four Gumleaf Grasshopper species looked very similar and easily be confused. On pictures, we separated them by the shape and colours their antenna, the hind legs and the carina (ridge on thorax).  
They usually rest on ground among dry fallen leaves during the day. They move up and feed on green leaves during the night. 

Mimetic Gumleaf Grasshopper
wpe21.jpg (45550 bytes) wpe17.jpg (39391 bytes) DSCN0829H.jpg (173544 bytes)
Goniaea opomaloides, adult body length 40mm, nymph body length 10mm
This is another species of grasshopper camouflages in dry gum leaf colour. This species is smaller in size than the species compare with others in genus Goniaea. They feed on gum leaves. When we were bushwalking in the Eucalyptus forest on White Hill, Brisbane, we usually disturbed one or two of them for every step we walked. They jumped and flied to about a meter away. They disappeared in the  dry gum leaves background. More pictures and information please click here.
Black-kneed Gumleaf Grasshopper
wpe12.jpg (34137 bytes) wpe19.jpg (48697 bytes) DSC_0149.jpg (214439 bytes)
Goniaea carinata, body length 40mm
Pictures taken in Mt Cotton during mid summer. When it flied, we saw its bright yellow-orange hind wings. This grasshopper looked likes the Gumleaf Grasshopper below but smaller in size and has longer antenna with white tips. Please also check this page for more information.
Slender Gumleaf Grasshopper 
 DSC_0107.jpg (313994 bytes) DSCN2102q.jpg (260465 bytes) 
Goniaea vocans, adult body length 60mm, nymph body length 20mm
The Slender Gumleaf Grasshopper is brown in colour, camouflages as a dry gum leaf. We usually find them on the ground with the dry Gum tree leaves when bushwalking in Eucalyptus forests. This species is easily confused with the below species Gumleaf Grasshopper Goniaea australasiae. Slender Gumleaf Grasshopper has the carina, or the top edge of thorax, lower and less pronounced, and has a distinct cut. More information and pictures can be found here.
Gumleaf Grasshopper
wpe6.jpg (49704 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (38845 bytes) DSCN1358.jpg (231055 bytes) 
Goniaea australasiae, adult body length 50mm, nymph body length 15mm
The Gum Leaf Grasshopper is brown in colour, camouflages as a dry gum leaf. It has the prominent arched crest on thorax. The grasshoppers' hindwings are orange in colour, can only be seen when it is flying. They are also known as Dead Leaf Grasshopper. More pictures and information please click here.

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