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Crickets and Katydids

Green-legged Matchstick
Green-body Matchstick
Brown-striped Matchstick
Mottled Matchstick 
Common Pyrgomorph
Musgrave's Psednura
Green Grass Pyrgimorph
Diving Grasshopper
Creek Grasshopper
Garden Bermius
Common Gesonula
Rice Grasshopper
Beautiful Methiola
Little Black-knees
Bicoloured Cedarinia
Eastern Inland Cedarinia
Peakesia Grasshopper
Apotropina & Perbelliina 
Epallia Grasshopper
Cooloola Shortwing
Wingless Grasshopper 
Mimetic Gumleaf Ghopper
Black-kneed Gum leaf Ghopr
Slender Gumleaf Ghopper
Gumleaf Grasshopper
Common Pardillana
Common Adreppus
Pale Stem Grasshopper  
Bark-mimicking Ghopper I
Bark-mimicking Ghopper II
Macrotona & Maclystriina
Handsome Macrotona
False Perloccia
Green-legs Grasshopper 
Spur-throated Locust
Giant Grasshopper
Froggatt's Buzzer
Golden Bandwing
Giant Green Slantface
Long-legged Bandwing 
Yellow-winged Locust 
Creek Pygmy Grasshopper
Forest Pygmy Grasshopper 
Unidentified Ghoppers 


Pyrgomorphs - Family Pyrgomorphidae

This page contains pictures and information about Pyrgomorphs in Family Pyrgomorphidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This family is very close related with the Family ACRIDIDAE and sometimes put under ACRIDIDAE as the subfamily Pyrgomorphinae
Member in this family have a cone-shaped head. Usually they hide on grasses, not quite jump or fly. Some of them (Tribe Atractomorphini and Psednurini) are green in colour and protected by the camouflage colour while others (Tribe Monistrini) have bright warning colours. They have short antenna and stout body. They feed on leaves and most species feed on wide range of plants.
There is a single subfamily (Pyrgomorphinae) in this family which contains five tribes. We found species in three tribes in Brisbane.  

Tribe Monistrini - Black Pyrgimorph  

This is the largest tribe of Pyrgomorphs. Most of them are short-winged, although long-wings form can sometimes be found. They are usually very colourful. However, we have only one species found in Brisbane and which is black and creamy white in colour.
Common Pyrgomorph
DSC_2377.jpg (266090 bytes) DSC_2378.jpg (207378 bytes) 
Monistria discrepans, body length 30mm  
Common Pyrgomorph adults have reduced wings and flightless, but long-longed form can sometimes be found. From the reference information their habitats are dry area include the dry sclerophyll forest. They feed on leaves of board range of plants. Please check this page for more information.

Tribe Psednurini - Psednura

This is a small Tribe. Pyrgimorphs in this tribe have cylindrical or stem-like body. Adults have reduced wings and flightless. The front two pairs of legs are short and tiny. They are usually found rest on upstanding grasses or sedges. 
Musgrave's Psednura 
DSC_4493_.jpg (214673 bytes) DSC_1004.jpg (296547 bytes) 
Psednura musgravei, female, body length 50mm, male, 30mm 
This Pyrgimorph can be found on grasses and sedges. Its stem-like and slender body make them camouflage well when they are hiding within grasses. They rest with head upwards, holding the grass stem with the front two pairs of tiny short legs. We have more information about them in this page.

Tribe Atractomorphini - Grass Pyrgimorph

There are three species in one single genus in this tribe. In Brisbane two species can be found. Grasshoppers in this tribe are green in colour. Adults are fully winged.   
Green Grass Pyrgimorph 
 DSC_5603.jpg (389957 bytes) wpe7.jpg (49843 bytes)
Female and male, length 40mm and 30mm, green form and brown forms, nymph
This grasshopper is also known as Vegetable Grasshopper. They are common in Brisbane and easily found on grasses and other garden plants. They are medium size and grass-green in colour. The insects above could be Atractomorpha similis or A. australis. Both species look very similar and can be found in Brisbane. Please check this page for more details.

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