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Diving Grasshopper
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Black-kneed Gum leaf Ghopr
Slender Gumleaf Ghopper
Gumleaf Grasshopper
Common Pardillana
Common Adreppus
Pale Stem Grasshopper  
Bark-mimicking Ghopper I
Bark-mimicking Ghopper II
Macrotona & Maclystriina
Handsome Macrotona
False Perloccia
Green-legs Grasshopper 
Spur-throated Locust
Giant Grasshopper
Froggatt's Buzzer
Golden Bandwing
Giant Green Slantface
Long-legged Bandwing 
Yellow-winged Locust 
Creek Pygmy Grasshopper
Forest Pygmy Grasshopper 
Unidentified Ghoppers 


Tribe Catantopini - Subtribe Eumecistina & Coryphistina


This page contains pictures and information about Spur-throated Grasshoppers in Subtribe Eumecistina & Coryphistina that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
PC9_0071.jpg (240744 bytes) 

Subtribe Eumecistina

Common Pardillana
wpe17.jpg (28974 bytes) wpe1.jpg (20029 bytes) PWC_7687.jpg (245845 bytes)
Pardillana limbata, nymph, 5th instars, body length 40mm, adult body length 60mm
We found this nymph (1st picture) hiding on tree under stem late afternoon in Karawatha Park during early summer. It was orange-brown with blue dots. The colours was some what different than the other Gumleaf Grasshoppers that we saw. We collected the nymph and kept it in a jar, fed it with fresh gum leaves. About two weeks later, it moulted and turned into an adults (2nd picture). More information and pictures please click on here.

Subtribe Coryphistina

Stem Grasshopper, Common Adreppus
wpe4.jpg (37908 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (20761 bytes) DSC_3942.jpg (273581 bytes)
Adreppus fallax, body length 50mm, nymph body length 12mm
We sometimes find them in Wishart bushland. They do not move until we come very close. Then they hide at the other side of the tree trunk. More information and pictures please click here.
Pale Stem Grasshopper
PWC_8245.jpg (263346 bytes) PWC_8245.jpg (296745 bytes)
Adreppus sp., body length 50mm
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon on Dec 2007. Please check this page for more information.
Bark-Mimicking Grasshopper I
wpe8.jpg (50558 bytes) DSC_1912.jpg (281786 bytes) DSC_0026.jpg (363939 bytes)
Coryphistes ruricola, adult body length 50mm, nymph body length 25mm
Bark-Mimicking Grasshoppers are hard to be be noticed when they rest on the tree trunk. They do not move until we come very close, then they hide at the other side of the tree trunk. They look similar to another grasshopper species Adreppus fallax above which also mimics the bark. This grasshopper species has elongated antennae which is sword shaped and flattened at the bases. More information and pictures please visit this page
Bark-Mimicking Grasshopper II
wpe1A.jpg (45584 bytes) DSC_9138.jpg (349315 bytes) PWC_7607.jpg (228274 bytes)
Coryphistes sp., body length adult 50mm  
This grasshopper species has elongated antennae which is sword shaped and flattened at the bases. Both female and male of this species are fully winged. The colour and patterns of each individual may vary a bit. Please check this page for more information.

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