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Matchstick Grasshoppers - Subfamily Morabinae


This page contains pictures and information about Matchstick Grasshoppers in subfamily Morabinae, family Eumastacidae, that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Members in this family are wingless. They are small to medium in size, usually grey-brown in colours. They are usually very elongated and slender, i.e., matchstick-like. They have long and cone-shaped head. The front and middle pairs of legs are short. They are well camouflaged and hide on trees or shrubs. Some associated with grasses. Most of them are nocturnal, i.e., feed and mate at the night. They rest on plants during the day. Some species are host specific while some others feed on wide range of plants. 
There are two subfamilies in Eumastacidae, the Morabinae and Biroellinae. All species we found in Brisbane are in Morabinae. The Biroellinae species are known as Tropical Monkey Grasshoppers which are expected to be seen in Brisbane. 
Some species are quite difficult to tell them apart from the Giant Green Slantface Grasshopper nymph. Species in this subfamily Morabinae can be recognized by the shape of the antenna (short and strongly ensiform). 

Green-legged Matchstick
PC9_0564.jpg (260889 bytes) DSC_4423.jpg (210210 bytes) 
Callitala major, tribe Callitalini, male, female body length 35mm
This Matchstick Grasshopper has the slender and smooth body. It has the relatively long and straight antenna, with 13-15 segments. We found this Matchstick on Acacia a few times. They are also found on other plants in Eucalypt Forest. We have more infromation in this page.
Green-body Matchstick
DSCN8190.jpg (263651 bytes) DSC_3292.jpg (235589 bytes) wpe1.jpg (20623 bytes)
Carnarvonella sp., tribe Callitalini, body length 40mm, nymph 30mm 
This Matchstick Grasshopper has the relatively long and straight antenna, with 14-16 segments. Antennal top surface with a longitudinal ridge sulcate over most of its length. Please check this page for more information.
Brown-striped Matchstick
DSC_7926.jpg (222195 bytes) PC9_0548.jpg (258199 bytes)
Moritala hmta, tribe Callitalini, male, female, body length 40mm
This Matchstick has pale brown strips pattern along the body. This species can be found on shrubs or grasses. This Matchstick Grasshopper has the slender and smooth body. Male has the very long cultriform "tail". Please check this page for more informtion.
Matchstick Grasshopper
DSC_1384.jpg (312942 bytes) DSC_7981.jpg (266724 bytes)
? Malleolopha sp., tribe Callitalini, female body length 30mm, nymph 20mm
This Matchstick has the antenna with 13-14 segments. The body is mottled in colours. Please check this page for more information.

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