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White Lerp Insect
White Fibrous Lerp Insect
Genus Spondyliaspis
Shell Lerp Insect
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Clam Lerp Insect
Clam Fibrous Lerp Insect
Brown Clam Lerp Insect
Genus Acizzia
Wattle Plant Lice
Other Psyllids


Wattle Plant Lice - Acizzia sp.

Family Psyllidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Wattle Plant Lice that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 4mm
If Meat Ants are found on plants in large number, usually they are attending the psyllid nymphs, known as Plant Lice. They look like Diaspidid scales (known as hard scales), but they do not secrete honeydew.
DSC_5136.jpg (196787 bytes) DSC_5137.jpg (159640 bytes) DSC_5147.jpg (205152 bytes)
Eggs                                                                          2nd instars and adult                                               3rd and 4th instars
DSC_5148.jpg (164799 bytes) DSC_5135.jpg (151399 bytes)
4th and 5th instars                                                    Adults 
DSC_5134.jpg (188359 bytes)  
TJ20.jpg (206478 bytes) TJ18.jpg (199820 bytes) TJ22.jpg (148015 bytes)
Photos thank to Trevor Jinks
Trevor Jinks send us the above photos show the Wattle Plant Lice also attended by the Brown Shield Ants.

1. Psylloidea of South Australia - Morgan, F.D. ,Adelaide, South Australia, Government Printer.
2. Acacia sucker Acizzia uncatoides - Chris Malumphy, Sharon Reid and Helen Moran, Central Science Laboratory, March 2007.


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