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Unknown Galls

Gall-inducing insects induce distinctive woody gall on plants. We listed the Eriococcid galls induced insects in this page. However, not all galls on plants are induced by Eriococcid. Some galls on plants may be induced by gall-wasps (Cynipidae), gall-midges (Cecidomyiidae) or some other insects. 
Please advise if you known the ID of those species below. 

Eucalyptus gall 1
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? Cynipidae, dia 3-5mm 
This gall is common on ironbark gum leaves. Graham Brown sent us email suggested that this gall might be induced by chacidoidea (Hymenoptera), a kind of very small parasitic wasp.
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PC9_2064.jpg (179548 bytes) PC9_2063.jpg (220182 bytes)
? Eriococcus sp., dia 2-3mm 

DSCN1579.jpg (129001 bytes) DSCN1580.jpg (180496 bytes) DSCN1581.jpg (156214 bytes)
? Cynipidae, dia 3-5mm 
DSC_4682.jpg (188532 bytes) DSC_4683.jpg (218963 bytes)
Eucalyptus gall 2
wpe27.jpg (32125 bytes)  wpe29.jpg (34749 bytes)
? sp., dia 2-4mm  
Graham Brown suggested that this could be fungus gall.
DSC_6465.jpg (177793 bytes)
? Glycaspis (Synglycaspis) sp., gall on leaves diameter 3-4mm
This species is a gall former on board leaves gum trees.  
1. Psylloidea of South Australia - Morgan, F.D. ,Adelaide, South Australia, Government Printer, 1984, plate18.
DSCN2212.jpg (120756 bytes) DSCN2213.jpg (137413 bytes)
? Cynipidae, dia 3-5mm 
DSC_7270.jpg (170292 bytes) DSC_7271.jpg (136289 bytes) DSC_7272.jpg (151101 bytes)
DSC_6464.jpg (176918 bytes) DSC_7446.jpg (96770 bytes)
? Cynipidae, dia 3-5mm 
DSC_3788.jpg (156011 bytes) DSC_3789.jpg (203082 bytes)
DSC_7211.jpg (163272 bytes) DSC_7212.jpg (188480 bytes) DSC_7213.jpg (167821 bytes)
However, not all galls on plants are induced by Eriococcid. 
Please advise if you known the ID of those species. 

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