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Fibrous Lerp Insects - Genus Glycaspis

Family Psyllidae

This page contains pictures and information about Fibrous Lerp Insects in family Psyllidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Glycaspis is the largest genera in family Psyllidae. Some Glycaspis sp. cause shallow pit galls. Other (subgenus Synglycaspis) cause large vesiculate galls. All of them construct typical lerps and their host plants are Eucalyptus

White Lerps Insect
wpeF.jpg (26700 bytes) wpeB.jpg (27242 bytes) DSCN0772a.jpg (102540 bytes)
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) fuscovena or G. eucalypti, lerp diameter 3-4mm
The white materials on gum leaves, known as lerps, are the coverings of insect nymphs that live and feed underneath. The insects suck the plant sap and use the excess starch to make those lerps. There are also the excess sugar, or the honey dews, that make the ants like to attend them. This White Lerps Insects can easily be found on Gum tree leaves in Brisbane. More information and pictures please click on here.
White Fibrous Lerps Insect
DSCN1841.jpg (204836 bytes) DSC_6469.jpg (225056 bytes) DSC_7483a.jpg (190982 bytes)
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) brimblecombei, lerp diameter 6mm 
The nymphs live and feed beneath the lerp and are protected by the lerps. The lerps are made from starch, derived from the plant sap. The adults looking like a small treehopper, are without lerps. They have the strong hind legs, they can jump and fly. Click here for more photos and information.
Green Fibrous Lerps Insect
wpe51.jpg (18935 bytes) DSCN8768.jpg (151836 bytes)  
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) sp. diameter 3mm  
White Fibrous Lerps Insect II
wpe53.jpg (33406 bytes) DSCN7369.jpg (176922 bytes) DSCN7369a.jpg (154536 bytes) 
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) sp. diameter 3mm  
White Fibrous Lerps Insect III
PWC_9279.jpg (173631 bytes) PWC_9278.jpg (135559 bytes)
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) sp. diameter 3mm  
White Fibrous Lerps Insect IV
DSC_3450.jpg (194263 bytes) DSC_3448.jpg (207588 bytes) DSC_3453.jpg (190203 bytes)
Glycaspis (Glycaspis) sp. diameter 3mm  

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