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Snow Ball Large Mealybug - Monophlebulus sp.

Family Margarodidae

This page contains pictures and information about Snow Ball Large Mealybugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm 
The snowy white balls on stem are different in size, the largest in size is about 20mm. When we removed the white substance we saw the orange-red and blue mealy bug body.
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The female mealy bugs are wingless and look like a larva. They move around stem freely but very slowly. They can be found moving very slowing on Eucalyptus stems.
DSC_9478.jpg (138654 bytes) DSC_9480.jpg (110478 bytes) wpe19.jpg (25355 bytes)
They are common on Eucalyptus in Brisbane bushlands. They are usually alone or in small group on young stems and twigs. They seldom move although they have full functional legs. For the matured females, there is the white waxy secretions attached. Those white material will be used as egg-sac. 
DSC_1381.jpg (157112 bytes) DSC_1382.jpg (154767 bytes)
PC9_1081.jpg (140611 bytes) PC9_1114.jpg (176371 bytes) PC9_1117.jpg (126829 bytes)
They are sap-sucker and produce honeydew. They are occasionally attended by ants.   
DSC_4939.jpg (206199 bytes) DSC_4940.jpg (203460 bytes)
PC9_0673.jpg (154301 bytes) PC9_0675.jpg (144841 bytes) PC9_0677.jpg (130140 bytes)
DSC_3290.jpg (154519 bytes) DSC_3289.jpg (138089 bytes) DSC_3300.jpg (171213 bytes)
All of them were found on Eucalyptus. 
index.1.jpg (32301 bytes) wpe33.jpg (24074 bytes)   
wpe30.jpg (27507 bytes) Mealyb8.jpg (30740 bytes) wpe35.jpg (33811 bytes)
Body length 25mm  
We found some larger size mealy bugs. It seems that their white substance reduced as they grow larger.
PC9_0090.jpg (151385 bytes) PC9_0091.jpg (115538 bytes) PC9_0092.jpg (138968 bytes)
DSC_4080.jpg (260018 bytes) DSC_4081.jpg (282530 bytes) DSC_4082.jpg (177479 bytes)
DSC_4083.jpg (226785 bytes) DSC_4084.jpg (231917 bytes)
On this page some of those Large Mealybugs look a bit different. They could be different Monophlebulus species.  

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2. Insects of Australia and New Zealand - R. J. Tillyard, Angus & Robertson, Ltd, Sydney, 1926, p173. 


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