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Clam Lerp Insect - Hyalinaspis rubra

Family Psyllidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Clam Lerp Insects that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Diameter 5mm
Clam Lerp Insects are sap suckers and often aggregate in colonies. They insert their stylets, or mouthparts, into the plant and begin feeding and constructing a lerp, the protection cover. Lerps are formed from the sugar and wax excreted by the insects. Those materials harden on contact with air to form the protection. 
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The protective cover lerps are vary in size. They are in bivalves shape and creamy yellow in colour. They are constructed by the addition of concentric layers of exudation.
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2nd and 4th instars 
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5th instars
The lerp is mostly transparent. Young instars is in creamy write and the 5th instars is pale red in colour.  
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The nymph body colour should be creamy to pale red in colour. The nymphs in the above photos are darken and poorly developed. They could be parasited.

Host Plant

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Host plant, Silver-leafed Ironbark Gumtree, Eucalyptus melanophloia 
The Clam Lerp Insects are common on Silver-leafed Ironbark Gumtree in Brisbane Karawatha Forest.  
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