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Clam Lerp Insects - Genus Hyalinaspis

Family Psyllidae

This page contains pictures and information about Clam Lerp Insects in family Psyllidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
All species in genus Hyalinaspis construct typical clam-shell shape lerps and their host plants are Eucalyptus. They construct a simple laminate lerp in bivalves shape. Lerps may look similar in different species though it varies in shape and smoothness.

Red Clam Lerp Insect
wpe57.jpg (39540 bytes) DSC_7434.jpg (232194 bytes) DSC_7438.jpg (193031 bytes)
Hyalinaspis rubra, diameter 5mm 
Clam Lerp Insects are sap suckers and often aggregate in colonies. They insert their stylets, or mouthparts, into the plant and begin feeding and constructing a lerp, the protection cover. Lerps are formed from the sugar and wax excreted by the insects. Those materials harden on contact with air to form the protection. Lerps vary in size and in bivalves shape. 
Clam Fibrous Lerp Insect
DSCN0708.jpg (166083 bytes) DSCN0707.jpg (123335 bytes)
Hyalinaspis sp., diameter 5mm 
This lerp insect build clam-shell cover as well as fibrous cover as the Glycaspis sp.. Other lerp insect species in genus Hyalinaspis keep the excess excretion on the ceiling of the cover. This lerp insect species keep the excess excretion as fibrous. Please check this page for more infromation. 
Brown Clam Lerp Insect
DSC_7420.jpg (238593 bytes) DSC_7422.jpg (219388 bytes) DSC_7428.jpg (198226 bytes)
Hyalinaspis sp., diameter 8mm
This is the largest Lerp Insect that we ever found. Also notice there is some small young instars wandering on leaf without any cover. There are more information and pictures in this page.
White Clam Lerp Insect 
DSC_1981.jpg (326468 bytes) DSC_1981a.jpg (203999 bytes)
Hyalinaspis sp., diameter 6mm
Photos were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on mar 2011. It was on the board leaf of a young gum tree. We checked around and we did not see many of them on the tree.   

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