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Egg-shaped Gumtree Gall - Apiomorpha conica

Family Eriococcidae

This page contains pictures and information about Egg-shaped Gumtree Galls that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.   

Female gall, length 20mm 
DSC_7440.jpg (200506 bytes) DSC_7441.jpg (207234 bytes) 
Apiomorpha sp., gall length 5-10mm 
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest on Oct 2010. 
DSC_7568.jpg (160383 bytes) DSC_7569.jpg (175794 bytes) DSC_7593.jpg (251917 bytes)
Adult females are long-lived. Most live over three years as adults and some live over five years. In contrast, adult males are inconspicuous, short-lived, and restricted seasonal occurrence. Adult males rarely live more than a day or two after leaving their gall.
DSC_7570.jpg (171738 bytes) DSC_7596.jpg (188910 bytes) DSC_7592.jpg (171551 bytes)
Female induces large woody gall (20-40mm) on stem resembling fruits but not found on that host plant. Males inhabit much smaller galls (no more than 10mm long). Male's tubular galls are mostly found on leaves The shape of the gall is independent of the host-plant species and the host-plant organ on which the gall grows but determined by the species and sex of the scale insect.
DSC_7577.jpg (204954 bytes) DSC_7581.jpg (220499 bytes) DSC_7582.jpg (222596 bytes)
Females are able to produce thousands of offspring over weeks. The body cavity of gravid females is almost entirely filled with developing embryos. They are ovoviviparous and nymphs are born fully developed. The first-instars nymphs usually remain grouped at the base of the gall chamber for up to several days before emerging from the gall. Crawler emergence from different times throughout the year. 
DSC_7581a.jpg (196097 bytes) DSC_7581b.jpg (214805 bytes) DSC_7575.jpg (159790 bytes)
We opened another dry gall which was complete empty.  

1. A Revision of the Gall-Forming Coccoid Genus Apiomorpha Rubsaamen (Homoptera : Eriococcidae : Apiomorphinae) - P.J. Gullan, Aust. J. Zool., Suppl. Ser., 1984, No. 97, 1-203. 
2. Species Apiomorpha conica (Froggatt, 1893) - Australian Biological Resources Study, Australian Faunal Directory. 

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Last updated: October 26, 2010.