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Large Gumtree Gall - Apiomorpha variabilis

Family Eriococcidae

This page contains pictures and information about Large Gumtree Galls that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.   

Female gall, length 35mm 
This gall is very large in size. The gall is structurally complex with inner and outer capsules separated by air space.  
DSC_7878.jpg (157592 bytes) DSC_7883.jpg (184730 bytes) DSC_7886.jpg (172670 bytes)
We believed the gall may takes years to grow to this size. We open the gall and the insect dropped onto the ground. Fire is quite common in Australia Eucalyptus forest. It is believed that the thick wall of the galls is an adaptation for fire protection.
DSC_7879.jpg (157400 bytes) DSC_7881.jpg (183398 bytes)
Body length 10mm 
Adult females are long-lived. Most live over three years as adults and some live over five years. In contrast, adult males are inconspicuous, short-lived, and restricted seasonal occurrence. Adult males rarely live more than a day or two after leaving their gall.
DSC_7888.jpg (184830 bytes) DSC_7887.jpg (177765 bytes)  
We only found one gall on a small gumtree. We found this gall in Anstead Forest.

1. A Revision of the Gall-Forming Coccoid Genus Apiomorpha Rubsaamen (Homoptera : Eriococcidae : Apiomorphinae) - P.J. Gullan, Aust. J. Zool., Suppl. Ser., 1984, No. 97, 1-203.
2. Species Apiomorpha variabilis (Froggatt, 1893) - Australian Biological Resources Study, Australian Faunal Directory. 

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