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Bishop's Head Gumtree Gall - Apiomorpha pileata

Family Eriococcidae

This page contains pictures and information about Bishop's Head Gumtree Galls that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.   

Female gall length 25mm, male gall length 10mm 
Female insects induce large gall on stem of gumtree which look like a bishop's head. The gall is ovoid to ellipsoidal with truncate apex. Gall wall is 2-4mm thick. Living gall is green in colour with smooth surface. 
PWC_3303.jpg (178252 bytes) PWC_3304.jpg (140919 bytes) PWC_3303s.jpg (172711 bytes)
Genus Apiomorpha is confined to Eucalyptus, on which it forms distinctive galls. 
PWC_3306.jpg (146661 bytes) PWC_3307.jpg (128109 bytes) PWC_3305.jpg (162306 bytes)
The scale insects in this family Eriococcidae induce distinctive woody gall on plants. The insect lives inside the gall from 1st instars to adult. Female adult stays inside the gall while winged male leaves its gall and look for the females. The gall induced by female and male usually look very different. 
PWC_3305.jpg (182102 bytes) PWC_3303.jpg (247084 bytes) PWC_3306.jpg (183400 bytes)
Male gall length 8mm 
DSC_2580.jpg (332470 bytes) DSC_2650.jpg (319523 bytes)
DSC_2651.jpg (293044 bytes) DSC_2653.jpg (237562 bytes) DSC_2655.jpg (288247 bytes)
Males' galls are much smaller than females'. They are either on stems, leaves or on gall of females. Live gall is brown in colour with longitudinally ridged. Those galls were found in Karawatha Forest.

We also found this Bishop's Head Gumtree Gall in Anstead Forest. However, they were on different species of gumtree.
DSC_7911.jpg (146981 bytes) DSC_7909.jpg (168645 bytes) DSC_7914.jpg (163966 bytes)
We open one of the full size but green gall and found a mature female inside.  
DSC_7929.jpg (139705 bytes) DSC_7931.jpg (213541 bytes)
Those dry and dark brown galls were empty.  
DSC_7921.jpg (164868 bytes) DSC_7923.jpg (158012 bytes) DSC_7924.jpg (173879 bytes)
DSC_7936.jpg (177745 bytes) DSC_7917.jpg (148067 bytes) DSC_7935.jpg (132176 bytes)
The host plant
We checked around on the host plants and near by gumtrees but could not found any male galls.

DSC_7799.jpg (106247 bytes) DSC_7792.jpg (178631 bytes) DSC_7790.jpg (154097 bytes)  
We found this green gall near by on another small gumtree in Anstead Forest. We believe it is the the young gall of the large gall and they are the same species.
DSC_7793.jpg (192899 bytes)

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