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Spindle Gumtree Gall - Apiomorpha spinifer

Family Eriococcidae

This page contains pictures and information about Spindle Gumtree Galls that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.   

Gall length 5-10mm 
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This insects induce gall on Eucalyptus, usually along the midrib on leaves. They could be on top side or bottom side of leaves. The matured gall is in spindle shape, yellow to brown in colours. There is the opening at the top for the matured gall. Young gall is closed. 
DSCN2121a.jpg (178818 bytes) DSCN2117.jpg (147989 bytes) DSCN2117a.jpg (225725 bytes)
The scale insects in this family Eriococcidae induce distinctive woody gall on plants. The insect lives inside the gall from 1st instars to adult. Female adult stays inside the gall while winged male leaves its gall and look for the females. The gall induced by female and male usually look very different. 

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3. Species Apiomorpha spinifer Froggatt, 1930 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Australian Faunal Directory. 

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