Genus Glycaspis
White Lerp Insect
White Fibrous Lerp Insect
Genus Spondyliaspis
Shell Lerp Insect
Genus Hyalinaspis
Clam Lerp Insect
Clam Fibrous Lerp Insect
Brown Clam Lerp Insect
Genus Acizzia
Wattle Plant Lice
Other Psyllids


Unknown Soft Bugs in Superfamily COCCOIDEA 

Please advise if you known the ID of those species below. 

Unknown Large Psylloid Adult
DSC_9738.jpg (107769 bytes) DSC_9740.jpg (95844 bytes)
? sp., body length 10mm
We saw this insect once in Sunnybank near Bulimba Creek on Nov 2007. It was resting on a leaf. 
DSC_9742.jpg (63766 bytes) DSC_9747.jpg (64719 bytes)
We believe this is an adult in this family although its size seem too large. Its wings are almost completely clear. 
Unknown Coccoid I
DSC_5123.jpg (155099 bytes)
Unknown Coccoid II
Unknown Coccoid III
PC9_2025.jpg (258934 bytes) PC9_2028.jpg (216817 bytes)
Unknown Coccoid IV
PWC_6704.jpg (151194 bytes) PWC_6701.jpg (139622 bytes) PWC_6703.jpg (161895 bytes)
? sp. body length 1mm 
PWC_6712.jpg (209368 bytes)
Unknown Coccoid V
DSCN9523.jpg (238313 bytes)
Unknown Coccoid VI
DSC_1095.jpg (146613 bytes)
Unknown Coccoid VII
PC9_0569.jpg (148760 bytes) PC9_0570a.jpg (105210 bytes) PC9_0570.jpg (160427 bytes)
Please advise if you known the ID of those species. 

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