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Scale Insects, Soft Scales, Wax Scales 

Family Coccidae

This page contains pictures and information about Scale Insects in family Coccidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Two Scale Insects of different species 
The insects in this family are covered with wax secretion. The covering may be scale-like or mussel-shaped. From their appearance they do not look like insect. When they grow, most of their external organs, such as their legs, wings and antenna, are reduced and become functionless.
The young scale insects have three pair of legs, known as 'crawlers'. It is their responsibility for spreading and looking for suitable place to start new colony. They are very small, although they have no wings, they can spread by wind borne. When the females settle, they seldom move. Male adult scale insects are winged. 

Pink Wax Scale, Red Wax Scale
PWC_3211.jpg (167477 bytes) PWC_3206.jpg (119300 bytes)
Ceroplastes rubens, diameter 5mm  
Pink Wax Scale insects affect different type of board leaf plants. The insects live under the protected shell cover which is their pink waxy secretion. The insects suck the juice from plants. Please check this page for more infromation.  
Fig Wax Scale
DSC_5624.jpg (172459 bytes) DSC_5417.jpg (207839 bytes)
Ceroplastes rusci, diameter 5mm    
White Wax Scale, Soft Wax Scale
PC9_1443.jpg (197397 bytes) DSC_6495.jpg (139084 bytes)
Ceroplastes destructor, diameter 5mm  
White Wax Scale looks very similar to the Pink Wax Scale above except it is white in colour. Its scale is a little larger and much softer when touch. Please check this page for more information.
Wattle Tick Scale
wpe19.jpg (32439 bytes) DSC_6290.jpg (163773 bytes) 
Cryptes baccatus diameter 5-10mm
This Scale Insects form large ball shaped 'scale'. The pictures show ants are attending them for their honey drew. They are found on different species of Acacia. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Black Scale
DSC_7001.jpg (144285 bytes)
Parasaissetia nigra sp. length 5mm
In the above pictures there are the black adult females, some pale-yellow slightly smaller later instars and some small pale-yellow crawlers (1st instars).  Black scale is parthenogenetic and there are no males. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Cotton Scale 
Pulvinaria sp., diameter 8mm
This Scale Insects can be find on Citrus plants. The white and fluffy substance is the egg sac. Eggs are laid into the soft wax, the female's body is lifted up. The second picture shows two ladybird larvae feeding on the scale insects on a Citrus leaf.
Scale Insect on Banksia leaf
wpe36.jpg (37645 bytes) wpe34.jpg (52174 bytes)
?sp., dia 5mm 

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