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Wattle Tick Scale - Cryptes baccatus

Family Coccidae

This page contains pictures and information about Wattle Tick Scale that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Diameter 5-10mm 
This Scale Insects form large ball shaped 'scale'. The pictures show ants are attending them for their honey drew. They are found on different species of Acacia. Usually they cover the whole section of stem on young trees.
wpe6.jpg (31606 bytes) wpe19.jpg (32439 bytes) SCN_0006.jpg (150760 bytes)
The Wattle Tick Scale insects are covered with wax secretion. From their appearance they do not look like insect at all. When they grow, most of their external organs, such as their legs, wings and antenna, are reduced and become functionless. 
DSCN0665.jpg (172562 bytes) DSC_2910.jpg (141457 bytes) DSC_2911.jpg (162987 bytes)
The young scale insects have three pair of legs, known as 'crawlers'. They spread and look for suitable place to start new colony. They are very small, even they have no wings, they can spread by wind borne. 
DSC_6290.jpg (163773 bytes) DSC_6286.jpg (154233 bytes) DSC_6437.jpg (161958 bytes)
Robert Whyte sent us email advise that this brown scale on the acacia might be Cryptes baccatus. We checked and agree with him. Check this page for more information.

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2. COCCOIDAE Soft Scale Insects - by Robert Whyte, Save Our Waterways Now, 2008.  


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