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Black Scale - Parasaissetia nigra

Family Coccidae

This page contains pictures and information about Black Scale that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Scale length 5mm 
Black Scale
DSC_5652.jpg (172938 bytes)
In the above picture there are the black adult females, some pale-yellow slightly smaller later instars and some small pale-yellow crawlers (1st instars).  Nigra scale is parthenogenetic and they are no males.
DSC_7001.jpg (144285 bytes) DSC_7001a.jpg (171498 bytes) DSC_7003.jpg (199954 bytes)
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Above pictures show the Black Scales and their predator Orange-spotted Ladybird. We took those pictures on a Citrus plant. The ladybird came to examine the Black Scale and encountered an ant. When the ladybirds hunt for scale insects, they will encounter different species of ants. Those ants come for the honey-dew from the scale insect. The ladybird helmet shape of wing-covers protect them those ants. They sit with legs and antenna hidden under the wing-covers. The ants just cannot do anything about them.

1. Insects of Australia and New Zealand - R. J. Tillyard, Angus & Robertson, Ltd, Sydney, 1926, p174. 


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