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Orange-spotted Ladybird - Orcus australasiae (synonym Parapriasus australasiae) 


This page contains information and pictures about Orange-spotted Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia

Body length 5mm
The ladybird beetle is dark green in colour with six orange dots on wings cover. 
wpe6.jpg (18821 bytes) wpeA.jpg (21521 bytes) PWC_3207.jpg (134405 bytes)
We found this ladybird on a Citrus plant in Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden on early Summer. Dan Papacek (Bugs for Bugs) kindly sent us email advised that this ladybird is probably the Parapriasus australasiae. 
PWC_3235.jpg (110017 bytes) PWC_3254.jpg (81212 bytes) PWC_3260.jpg (90763 bytes)
PWC_3206.jpg (87381 bytes) wpeB.jpg (24573 bytes)
Black Scale Parasaissetia nigra and Pink Wax Scale Ceroplastes sp.
This species seems to feed readily on the soft scale insects such as Black Scale Parasaissetia nigra and the close relatives. 
wpe1.jpg (32853 bytes) PWC_3244.jpg (129749 bytes) 
In the above pictures, the ladybird came to examine the Black Scale and encountered an ant. When the ladybirds hunt for scale insects, they will encounter different species of ants. Those ants come for the honey-dew from the scale insect. The ladybird helmet shape of wing-covers protect them those ants. They sit with legs and antenna hidden under the wing-covers. The ants just cannot do anything about them. 

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