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Fungus-eating Ladybird Beetle - Illeis galbula


This page contains information and pictures about Fungus-eating Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
Body length 4mm
Fungus-eating Ladybirds are very fast moving insects and the active fliers. When disturbed, they usually employ the drop and fly-away method to escape. They are smooth and shiny with bright yellow dots on black colour. 
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We found quite a number of them on different plants including Rosaceae in late spring, early summer and late summer. 
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We often see them on different types of plants. Both adults and larvae feed on fungus and black mold on leaves. Above pictures show the Fungus-eating Ladybird and the Yellow Shouldered Ladybird.


wpeE.jpg (24084 bytes) wpeE.jpg (43334 bytes)
                                                                                                       Photo: Keith Power, Toowoomba 
The Fungus-eating Ladybird larvae grow up to 8-10mm.  They are creamy white in colour with lines of black dots on their back. They are usually found feeding those black mold or fungus on leaves. The larvae runs very fast when disturbed. 
Larvae feed only on powdery mildew type of  fungus (Oidium sp., Erysiphales) which infecting various plants. 


wpe11.jpg (29278 bytes)
The pupa are quite active too. When disturbed, the pupa stand up on it end. The pupa are also white in colour with lines of black dots.

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