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Transverse Ladybird Beetle - Coccinella transversalis


This page contains information and pictures about Transverse Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 

Body length 5mm
Transverse ladybirds are medium in size, bright orange to orange-red in colour with black pattern on their back. 
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Transverse ladybirds are common in Brisbane. They are active during the day. Both adults and larvae are predators of soft-bodied insects, such as aphids. Both adults and larvae can be found living on the same plants, feeding on same type of insects. 

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Both the Variable Ladybird and Transverse ladybird can be found on the same milkweed plant searching for Milkweed Aphids.
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They fit well the popular image of “typical” ladybird beetles, i.e.,  convex, rounded, reddish orange beetles with black markings. 
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Body length 7mm
Larva is greyish brown in colour with dark markings, slender fusiform body with medium length walking legs. They feed on different species of aphids.

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