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Large Leafeating Ladybird - Epilachna guttatopustulata


This page contains information and pictures about Large Leafeating Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
Body length 10mm
This is a large Ladybird Beetle. There are four large orange-red and four yellow square spots on dark brown body colour. The bright yellow abdomen is covered by wings. 
DSC_5938.jpg (321344 bytes) DSC_5941.jpg (296385 bytes) DSC_5942.jpg (319946 bytes)
Unlike other ladybird beetles, all species in the tribe Epilachnini, includes this Large Leafeating Ladybirds,  are phytophagous, i.e., both larvae and adults feed on plants.
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On early summer Dec 2011, we found quite a number of this Large Leafeating Ladybirds in the bushland near White Rock, Ipswich. They were actively feeding on leaves (Solanacea) during the day. On the host plants another plant-feeding species, the 28-spotted Potato Ladybird Beetles, were also found. 
DSC_5962.jpg (187298 bytes) DSC_5966.jpg (321475 bytes) DSC_5948.jpg (299482 bytes)
Some ladybird eggs were found on the bottom side of leaf next to the Large Leafeating Ladybirds, but not sure if they were their eggs.
DSC_5996.jpg (292623 bytes) DSC_5983.jpg (286465 bytes) DSC_5984.jpg (295694 bytes)
Some mating pairs were found on host plants as well.  
DSC_5957.jpg (202106 bytes) DSC_5959.jpg (217694 bytes) DSC_5987.jpg (247173 bytes)
DSC_5949.jpg (225838 bytes) DSC_6007.jpg (290080 bytes) DSC_5954.jpg (283915 bytes)
In the area there were quite a number of the host plants. Large Leafeating Ladybirds were found almost on every plants. Some plants were badly damaged. 
DSC_5913.jpg (274097 bytes) DSC_5916.jpg (238434 bytes) DSC_5924.jpg (248024 bytes)
The above photos show two plant-feeding ladybirds trying to mate, obviously they found the wrong partner.

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Last updated: December 04, 2011.