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Steelblue Ladybird - Halmus chalybeus 


This page contains information and pictures about Steelblue Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia

Body length 3mm
This Steelblue ladybird is small in size. The wing covers are uniformly shiny dark green in colour. When viewed form the top, the ladybird is a complete circle. We sometimes find them hunting the Cowpea Aphids on our hibiscus plants. They feed on scale insects as well.

  DSC_7809.jpg (48715 bytes)

When they hunt for aphids, they will encounter different species of ants. Those ants come for the honey-dew from the aphids. The ladybird helmet shape of wing-covers protect them those ants. They sit with legs and antenna hidden under the wing-covers. The ants just cannot do anything about them.

wpe1.jpg (32020 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (33260 bytes)
The ladybirds can be found on Acacia
DSC_2760.jpg (69909 bytes)  PWC_3276.jpg (89807 bytes)


DSC_9918.jpg (139490 bytes)  DSC_9917.jpg (49486 bytes)
Body length 6mm 
The larva was found wandering on leaf alone. We believed it was a Steelblue Ladybird larva.
DSC_9922.jpg (124271 bytes)  DSC_9923.jpg (110614 bytes)
Photos were taken near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank on  Nov 200.


A9219.jpg (24242 bytes)  
This ladybird pupa was found on a Acacia during later winter. We believed it was a Steelblue Ladybird pupa.

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