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Variable Ladybird Beetles - ? Coelophora inaequalis 


This page contains information and pictures about Variable Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 5mm
The ladybirds are bright orange-yellow in colour with a broken line of two black dot on each wing-covers. There is a black line at the meeting edges of the wing-covers. The reference suggested that they are the Variable Ladybirds
wpe1C.jpg (21435 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (23078 bytes)
However, the Variable Ladybirds and this ladybird looked quite different.
  DSCN1219.JPG (93660 bytes)
We do not agree this bend-patterned ladybird is a Variable Ladybird.......... until we saw the mating couple.
However we believed it may not be us that made the mistake. It may be the male ladybird who made the mistake.  
DSCN1218.JPG (57613 bytes)  DSCN1221.JPG (60093 bytes)
Anyway, we found ladybirds with this pattern from time to time and the pattern is quite consistence. There may be some reasons behind and worth considering.  
DSCN0284.JPG (76804 bytes)

1. Australian Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Their biology and classification - A.Ślipiński, Australian Biological Resources, 2007, Fig14.
2. Micraspis sp. - Insects of Townsville, Australia - Graeme Cocks, 2004. 
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