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Tribe Coccidulini


Coccidulin ladybirds are small to medium size (3-5mm). Their body is covered with short hairs. They feed on scale insects, aphids and spider mites.
We found two different species in Brisbane. They are listed as follows; 

Mealybug Ladybird, Mealybug Predator
DSCN1190.JPG (110486 bytes)  DSCN1155.JPG (58034 bytes)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri or C. montrouzeri , Larva length 5mm,adult length 3mm
This ladybird is also known as Mealybug Destroyer. The ladybird is famous on attacking mealybug, one of the worst pest in the world. The larvae look like their major prey - the Mealybug. They prey on other soft bugs.  More pictures and information please visit this page.
Yellow Shouldered Ladybird
Apolinus lividigaster, (synonym Scymnodes lividigaster), larva length 4mm, adult length 4mm
Yellow Shouldered Ladybird Beetles have a yellow dot on each side of their thorax, some have a yellow face but some others have a dark face. All of them have their forewings in dark blue-green colour. They are small in size. For more pictures and information please visit this page.

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