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Tribe Chilocorini 


Chilocorini Ladybirds feed on different type of scale insects. They are shiny colour and usually have no spots nor patterns on their wing covers. Their body is in round  helmet shape. They are small to medium in size (2-8mm). Look at the beetle from side view, the head, thorax and wing-covers form a smooth hemisphere. The clubbed antenna are short and usually hided under head if disturbed. 

Red Chilocorus, Armoured Scale Predator
wpeF.jpg (26910 bytes)  DSCN1359.jpg (57935 bytes)
Chilocorus circumdatus, larva length 6mm, adult length 4mm
This small ladybird was found on a Citrus tree near Bulimba Creek in early summer. The ladybird was bright orange in colour with dark edges on the wing-cover base. They are known to be the predators of scale insects. Click here for more pictures and information.
Steelblue Ladybird
DSC_9922.jpg (124271 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (55101 bytes)
Halmus chalybeus, larva length 6mm, adult length 3mm 
This ladybird is small in size. The wing covers are shiny dark green in colour. We sometimes find them hunting the Cowpea Aphids on our hibiscus plants. They also feed on different type of scale insects. More pictures and information please click here.
Orange-spotted Ladybird
wpe6.jpg (18821 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (21521 bytes)
Orcus australasiae (synonym Parapriasus australasiae), body length 5mm
We found this ladybird on a Citrus plant in Mt Coot-tha Botanic Garden on early Summer. Dan Papacek (Bugs for Bugs) kindly sent us email advised that this ladybird is probably the Parapriasus australasiae. This species seems to feed readily on the soft scale insects such as Black Scale Saissetia oleae and the close relatives. Please click on here for more information and pictures.

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