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White Fibrous Lerp Insect - Glycaspis (Glycaspis) brimblecombei

Family Psyllidae

This page contains pictures and information about White Fibrous Lerp Insects that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Redgum Lerp Psyllid.
Body length 3mm, 5th instars
The nymphs live and feed beneath the lerp and are protected by the lerps. The lerps are made from starch, derived from the plant sap. The adults looking like a small treehopper, are without lerps. They have the strong hind legs, they can jump and fly.
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Those White Fibrous Lerp Insects are common on Eucalyptus.
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Nymph under White Fibrous Lerp

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There is one nymph on each white fibrous lerp. They may be in different instars on the same leaf. From the reference infromation, adults can be observed on warm sunny day in winter. We did not see one adult yet.
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The Host Plants

DSC_7503.jpg (189375 bytes)
We found the White Fibrous Lerp Insects on different species of gum trees, include the one in the above photo. 

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