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Small Grey Flesh Fly II - ? Amobia sp.

Family Sarcophagidae

This page contains pictures and information about Small Grey Flesh Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 5mm 
DSC_1400.jpg (193178 bytes) DSC_1405.jpg (170693 bytes) DSC_1401.jpg (204016 bytes)
On Dec 2012 in Anstead Forest, we saw this flesh fly following a Potter Wasp. When the wasp flied, it flied. When the wasp rested on ground, the fly rested on ground. The fly was always watching the wasp at about half a meter away. 
DSC_1398.jpg (269363 bytes) DSC_1406.jpg (307536 bytes) DSC_1402.jpg (172795 bytes)
From reference information, this flesh fly lays egg in the nest of these wasps. The larvae eat the food intended for the wasp larvae . 

1. Northern Territory Insects, A Comprehensive Guide CD - Graham Brown, 2009.

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