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Goldenhaired Golden Blowfly - Calliphora (Neocalliphora) stygia

Family Calliphoridae

This page contains pictures and information about Goldenhaired Golden Blowflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male, body length 10mm
Goldenhaired Golden Blowflies are dusted metal blue in colour with silvery or golden tessellation and golden hair on abdomen. Legs are dark brown to black with  yellow in colours, There is brown on wings near the wing base.
DSCN4770.jpg (135405 bytes) DSCN4769.jpg (149285 bytes) 
This blowfly look similar to the other Blowflies but with steel-blue area at the top of abdomen. 
DSC_8042.jpg (324406 bytes) DSC_8042h.jpg (225310 bytes) DSC_4345.jpg (289959 bytes)
This Goldenhaired Golden Blowfly is quite common in Brisbane. It seems that they are seen mostly during the winter months, from July to October.  
PC9_1616.jpg (167054 bytes) PC9_1617.jpg (204870 bytes) PC9_1617h.jpg (163169 bytes)
From reference infromation, this blowfly is a primary sheep-maggot fly in eastern Australia and New Zealand.

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