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Smaller Yellow Golden Blowfly - Calliphora (Paracalliphora) augur

Family Calliphoridae

This page contains pictures and information about Smaller Yellow Golden Blowflies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female, body length 8mm
This blowfly is known as Bluebodied Blowfly, Smaller Yellow House Blowfly or Lesser Brown Blowfly.
Smaller Yellow Golden Blowflies are dusty metallic blue in colours, with honey-yellow on body sides. Top side of thorax, scutellum and abdomen are metallic blue. Abdomen segments have the trapezoidal metallic blue markings. Legs with coax, femur and tibia in honey-yellow and tarsus in black colours. 
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The fly is one of the earliest flies to visit a corpse. Their larvae breed in carrion. Their larvae also live in wound of sheep causing myiasis. They are also known as Australian Sheep Blowfly. This blowfly is a primary sheep-maggot fly in eastern Australia. The females deposit either eggs or larvae and at times both may be deposited at the same time.


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3. Calliphora (Paracalliphora) augur (Fabricius, 1775) - PaDIL.

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