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Yellow-headed Blowfly 
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Blowfly - Subfamily Rhiniinae

Family Calliphoridae

This page contains pictures and information about Blowflies in subfamily Rhiniinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Flies in this subfamily Rhiniinae are small to medium in size with narrow body. The thorax is covered with short setae. Their larvae are associated with ant or termite nest. Those flies are sometimes found feeding on flowers. Some reference put this group as family Rhiniidae.
Four native genera are found in Australia, includes the Chlovorhinia, Stomorhina, Metallea  and Rhinia. In Brisbane we found three species and listed as follows.   
Green Rhiniin Fly
DSCN1910.jpg (204467 bytes) DSCN1911.jpg (184013 bytes)
Chlovorhinia exempta, body length 5mm
This Rhiniinae fly is small in size. Its thorax and abdomen are metallic dark green in colour. All legs are brown. Please check this page for more information. 
Wasp-mimicking Rhiniin Fly
DSC_5948.jpg (64093 bytes)  
Stomorhina discolor, body length 6mm
Most wasp/bee-mimicking flies we found are Hover Flies in the family SYRPHIDAE, initially we thought this fly was a Drone Fly. However, it is a blowfly. The fly has the thorax in black colour with dense small bristle-dots. Abdomen is black banded patterns on yellow colour mimicking bees or wasps. Please also check on here for more pictures and information.
Yellow Rhiniin Fly
Metallea nigripilosa, body length 6mm 
The Metallea sp. can be distinguished by the strong setae on thorax. This species has black hairs on yellowish-brown body. For more information please check this page.  
Grey Rhiniin Fly
DSC_4928.jpg (181208 bytes)
Metallea incisuvalis, body length 6mm
The Metallea sp. can be distinguished by the strong setae on thorax. When found this fly when it was feeding on Grass-tree flowers. Please check this page for more information. 

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