Grey Rhiniin Fly
Yellow-headed Blowfly 
Tachinid Flies 


Yellow Grey Bush Fly - Atherigona sp.

Family Muscidae

This page contains pictures and information about Grey Bush Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 8mm 
This Grey Bush Fly is medium in size. It is light grey in colours with red brown eyes. Its abdomen and legs are grey-yellow. From its wing veins we believe it is a bush fly in Phaoniinae.
PWC_7210.jpg (164181 bytes) DSC_5423.jpg (498391 bytes)
The characteristically angular head, frons and face forming almost a right angle in profile. The arista is bare.
Head dichoptic in both sexes, with little sexual dimorphism.
The larvae live in decaying organic matter where they are saprophagous or even carnivorous. 

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