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Golden Head Rutilia Fly II - Rutilia (Ameniamima) cingulata

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Golden Head Rutilia Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This large Golden Head Rutilia Fly is dark purplish black in colour with non-metallic dark brown scutellum. Its postorbits (the narrow strips behind eyes) are silvery white on orange-yellow head.
wpe43.jpg (49408 bytes)
Sometimes we found this fly flying and searching on rotten wood. We believed it was the female looking for parasite host, larval Coleoptera (beetle) especially Scarabaeidae.
Scutellum of male and female 
We saw this Black Golden Head Rutilia Fly only a couple of times. Photos were taken in Karawatha Forest near the She-oak-pine area on Dec 2007. 

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2. A conspectus of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of Australia, including keys to the supraspecific taxa and taxonomic and host catalogues - R. W. Crosskey, British Museum (Natural History), Bulletin, Entomology, Supplement 21, 1973.
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