Brown Phasiin Fly
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I  
Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
Golden-brown Tachinid Fly 
Thin Long Legs Fly
Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Golden Tachinid Fly I
Golden Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly I
Blue Hairy Tachinid Fly
Black Hairy Tachinid Fly
Hairy-eyed Grey Tachinid
Processionary Cat. Para.
Grey Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly III
Grey Tachinid Fly IV
Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
S. Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
Grey Tachinid Fly V
Grey Tachinid Fly VI


Unknown Tachinid fly 

Family Tachinidae

Please send email to us if you know the ID of those Tachinid Flies.
Thin brownish-yellow Tachinid fly
? Halidaia sp.,  body length 8mm
Pictures taken in Sunnybank near Bulimba Creek during mid summer. 
Unknown Tachinid Fly 2
DSC_4714_.jpg (187558 bytes) 
? Tachnina sp., body length 8mm 
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OMD50120b.jpg (129768 bytes) OMD50131.jpg (134995 bytes) OMD50132.jpg (128980 bytes)
Unknown Tachinid Fly 3
DSCN1691.jpg (342896 bytes)
? sp., body length 8mm
Unknown Tachinid Fly 4
DSC_1966.jpg (328837 bytes) DSC_1964.jpg (282420 bytes) DSC_1962.jpg (254815 bytes)
? sp., body length 8mm
Pictures were taken in Ford Road Conservation Area on Mar 2011.
DSC_1957.jpg (270746 bytes) 
Sawfly Larvae Parasitic Fly
wpe6.jpg (44467 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (18120 bytes)
? Lespesia sp., body length 10mm.
This fly was checking a group of sawfly larvae. The fly has the grey thorax and brownish-yellow abdomen. The 2nd picture show a Tachinid Fly checking the Leaf Beetle Larvae and about to lay eggs on the larvae. The white eggs of the fly are attached on the body of the larva. The egg hatches into maggot and bores into the body of the Leaf Beetle larva, develops inside and kill the larva. Please check this page for more information.

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