Brown Phasiin Fly
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I  
Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
Golden-brown Tachinid Fly 
Thin Long Legs Fly
Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Golden Tachinid Fly I
Golden Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly I
Blue Hairy Tachinid Fly
Black Hairy Tachinid Fly
Hairy-eyed Grey Tachinid
Processionary Cat. Para.
Grey Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly III
Grey Tachinid Fly IV
Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
S. Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
Grey Tachinid Fly V
Grey Tachinid Fly VI


Tachinid fly - Subfamily Phasiinae

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Tachinid Flies Subfamily Phasiinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This subfamily parasitic in Hemiptera. It is believed that all species in this group are parasitoids of Hemiptera - Heteroptera (true bugs). Their abdomen is bare of bristles and is either globular or quite flat and round. Most of them are orange-brown in colours. Their lower calypters are very broad. 
Flies in subfamily Phasiinae can be identified by the following characteristic;
- head without facial carina,
- bare eyes, 
- lower calypter very broad,
- coloured wings, 
- scutellum with one, two or three pair of marginal setae, without discal setae, 

Tribe Trichopodini 

Some reference group this tribe together in Phasiini
Brown Phasiin Fly
DSC_4739a.jpg (150693 bytes) DSC_4740a.jpg (165414 bytes) DSC_4739.jpg (530993 bytes)
Saralba ocypteroides, body length 8mm
This fly is orange-brown in colour with brown-tinted wings. It has the very broad lower calypter. The abdomen is elongated and has two transverse dark brown bands on orange-yellow. The legs are also orange-yellow basally, black on the remainder. 

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