Brown Phasiin Fly
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I  
Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
Golden-brown Tachinid Fly 
Thin Long Legs Fly
Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Golden Tachinid Fly I
Golden Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly I
Blue Hairy Tachinid Fly
Black Hairy Tachinid Fly
Hairy-eyed Grey Tachinid
Processionary Cat. Para.
Grey Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly III
Grey Tachinid Fly IV
Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
S. Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
Grey Tachinid Fly V
Grey Tachinid Fly VI


Tachinid fly - Subfamily Dexiinae 

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Tachinid Flies subfamily Dexiinae (or Proseninae in some reference) that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
This is a very large subfamily. The Dexiinae mostly are parasitic in larval Coleoptera (beetle) especially Scarabaeidae. How do they locate their host is remain unknown. Larvae develop in the host and pupate either within its remains or in the surrounding. 
Adults are usually found resting on tree trunk. Usually they have long legs, with face elongated under eyes.
Flies in subfamily Dexiinae have the following characteristic;
- typical dexiin face with facial carina and board gena
- excavation of abdomen T1+2 reach to hind margin, 
- eyes bare
- no reclinate orbital setae
- row of frontal setae down to lunula only
- scutellum with three pair of marginal setae 
There are two tribes, Dexiini and Rutiliini, in this subfamily Dexiinae. 
DSCN0999a.jpg (528367 bytes) wpe1.jpg (49379 bytes)
Rutiliini                        Dexiini 

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