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Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
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Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Golden Tachinid Fly I
Golden Tachinid Fly II
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Hairy-eyed Grey Tachinid
Processionary Cat. Para.
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Tachinid fly - Subfamily Tachininae

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Tachinid Flies Subfamily Tachininae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The Tachininae are mostly parasitic in Lepidoptera (moth and butterfly). Flies in Tachininae are more diverse and include some of the largest, most colorful, and most bristly of tachinids. This subfamily also includes some of the smallest and least conspicuous tachinids.
Four subfamilies are recognised in Tachinidae. However, it is believed should be more than four. At the moment, if the Australian tachinids that are clearly not either of the three subfamilies, they will be put in the subfamily Tachininae. 
Flies in subfamily can be identified by the following characteristic;
- head without facial carina,
- reclinate orbital setae usually present,
- inner vertical setae convergent or crossing,
- vibrissae well developed,    


Flies in this tribe have the following characteristic;
- antennal axis about middle eye level,
- second antenna segment long,
- arista thickened,  
- bend of vein M strongly angulated and remote from wing margin,
- M continued towards wing margin,  
Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
DSC_6350.jpg (95615 bytes) DSC_6355.jpg (84111 bytes)
Voria sp., body length 6mm


Thin Long Legs Tachinid fly
DSC_9868.jpg (142260 bytes)  
Sumpigaster sp., body length 10mm 
Picture taken near Bulimba Creek in Wishart during mid summer. It was searching for something among the leaves.


Flies in this tribe have the following characteristic;
- eyes with densely long hairs,
- Scutellum with 4 pairs of marginal bristles,
- wings clear with bend of vein M very sharp and M2 spur vein,
- upper half of face raised, 
- thoracic dorsum not shiny,  
Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Macrochloria sp.,
We found fly once in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon on Sep 2010.


Golden Tachinid Fly I 
wpe8.jpg (33312 bytes) SCN_0005a.jpg (179368 bytes)
Microtropesa sinuata, body length 12mm.
This is a very fat Tachinid fly. The abdomen is dark shiny blue background colour. The thorax is shiny brown background colour. Both abdomen and thorax have a lot of brightly white triangular spots. It has a pair of big red eyes on the orange head. Its antenna is distinctive too - orange with black tips. We found it when it was feeding on flowers of Lantana plants. please check this page for more information.
Golden Tachinid Fly II
Microtropesa sp. body length 12mm.  
This fly has smoky brown and yellow wings.

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