Brown Phasiin Fly
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I  
Golden-blue Tachinid Fly
Golden-brown Tachinid Fly 
Thin Long Legs Fly
Metallic Green Hairy Fly
Golden Tachinid Fly I
Golden Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly I
Blue Hairy Tachinid Fly
Black Hairy Tachinid Fly
Hairy-eyed Grey Tachinid
Processionary Cat. Para.
Grey Tachinid Fly II
Grey Tachinid Fly III
Grey Tachinid Fly IV
Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
S. Grey Hairy Tachinid Fly
Grey Tachinid Fly V
Grey Tachinid Fly VI


Grey Tachinid Fly IV - ? Anamastax sp.

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Grey Tachinid Fly IV that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 8mm 
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This Tachinid Fly is common in Brisbane. We found them a few times in our backyard and in the bushes. 
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DSC_0374.jpg (137725 bytes) 
1. A revisionary classification of the Rutiliini (Diptera: Tachinidae), : with keys to the described species - R. W. Crosskey, British Museum (Natural History), Bulletin, Entomology, Supplement 19, 1973. 
2. A conspectus of the Tachinidae (Diptera) of Australia, including keys to the supraspecific taxa and taxonomic and host catalogues - R. W. Crosskey, British Museum (Natural History), Bulletin, Entomology, Supplement 21, 1973.
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