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Triangular Spider - Arkys lancearius


This page contains pictures and information about Triangular Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female, leg to leg 15mm
This is a beautiful spider. We can easily find them in bushland in Brisbane, although we never saw them in our backyard. Its abdomen is triangular to heart-shaped , with white spots on its bright orange body. Its two pairs of front legs are with strong spines for capturing prey. Its two hind pairs legs are relatively small.
Although they are in this ARANEIDAE family, which is famous in web building, they do not build webs. They only use their silk for safety lines and egg sacs.  
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Triangular Spiders have very small eyes and expected to have poor eye sight. They do not jump like Jumping Spiders. Instead they employ the sit and wait hunting method.
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Sometimes the spider hangs itself in mid air with a few silk wires and waiting for prey. 
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Triangular Spiders are sometimes found on or under green leaves, waiting for prey. 


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Females have a larger abdomen. 


wpe19.jpg (30743 bytes)

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Last updated: November 01, 2009.