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Paired-legs Orb Web Spiders - Genus Argiope


This page contains pictures and information about Orb Web Spiders in Genus Argiope that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Spiders in this Argiope genus are medium size spider, they build small to to medium size vertical orb web with circular or cross shaped stabilimentum. They wait for prey on web centre with legs in pairs. Male spiders are rarely seen and much smaller in size.  

Followings listed those Orb Web Spiders that we found.

St Andrew's Cross Spider
DSC_5055.jpg (62540 bytes) 
Argiope keyserlingi, leg to leg female 50mm, male 20mm
St Andrew's cross spider is common in Brisbane. It is easily recognized by the pattern on its body and its web. The spider makes an orb web, in the middle it makes four thickened zigzag strips in the shape of a cross of 'X'. This is why it called St Andrew's cross spider. The spider then hangs head down with its legs pairs together over the cross. More information can be found in the St Andrew's Cross Spider page.
Banded Orb-weaving Spider
wpe7.jpg (36348 bytes)  wpeE.jpg (45804 bytes)
Argiope trifasciata, leg to leg female 50mm, male 10mm
Banded Orb-weaving Spiders  sometimes may be confused with St Andrew's Cross Spiders. They look similar although the pattern on their abdomen are quite different. Banded Orb-weaving Spider females have yellow, white and brown colours bands across their abdomen. However, their males are look the same, much smaller than the female. More information and pictures please click here.
Gumtree Trunk Weaver
wpe2.jpg (31585 bytes)  wpeD.jpg (40330 bytes)
Argiope ocyaloides, female body length 10mm
This spider build orb web against gumtree trunk. When we came close, they vibrate the web very quickly and they become almost invisible. The spiders are dark grey to black in colour, with white line along the sides of the long heart-shaped abdomen. Legs are all black with white ring. We have more information and pictures in this page.

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3. ARANEIDAE Orb or wheel weavers -  Save Our Waterways Now.

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Last updated: March 18, 2010.