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Long Lobed Spider - Cyclosa bifida ?


This page contains pictures and information about Long Lobed Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm 
This spider has elongated abdomen minor lobes on it. 
DSC_4167.jpg (97004 bytes) DSC_4168.jpg (124731 bytes) DSC_4170.jpg (130076 bytes)
The spider build medium size vertical neat orb web and places debris as stabilamenta. The spider rests at the center and well camouflaged. Those debris include the prey remains and plant materials dropped and attached on the web. 
PWC_9309.jpg (125273 bytes)

On Nov 2009, we found that this spider is quite common in Boondall Wetlands.  
DSC_1825.jpg (155958 bytes) DSC_1823.jpg (115086 bytes) DSC_1828.jpg (123702 bytes)
By carefully inspected the debris stabilamenta, it includes the egg-sacs, both on the upper side and the lower side.  
DSC_1831.jpg (115691 bytes) DSC_1831l.jpg (176467 bytes)
Small Long Lobed Spider does not make debris stabilamenta. It makes messy stabilamenta.  

1. Cyclosa species - The Find-a-spider Guide for Australian Spiders, University of Southern Queensland, 2007.
2. Spiders - genus Cyclosa -, by Nick Monaghan, 2009. 

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Last updated: November 30, 2009.