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Gall-mimicking Spider - Poltys stygius (P. microtuberculatus )


This page contains pictures and information about Gall-mimicking Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm 
This is a large web weaving spider. The spider mimics gall on tree. It has round button shape abdomen which overhangs and covers the head and thorax. The surface of the abdomen has the very rough bark-looking texture, brown in colour. The spiders are rather variable in abdomen shape and colours.  Each individual may look quite different. 
PWC_3282.jpg (183868 bytes) PWC_3284.jpg (155360 bytes) PWC_3290.jpg (88614 bytes)
The spider active at night. Similar to the Tree-stump Spider, this spider build very large vertical orb web at night. They pack-up and consume the web silks after used, hide on the tree during the day. Adult males are small and do not make webs. 
PWC_3278.jpg (124707 bytes) PWC_3280.jpg (125871 bytes) PWC_3281.jpg (143660 bytes) 
The spiders are cryptically camouflaged. During the day they hide motionless on leaves or stems with the legs drawn tightly around head and showing only its small eyes. They resemble the galls on those plants.
PWC_3289.jpg (130008 bytes) PWC_3293.jpg (135693 bytes) PWC_3298 Poltys microtuberculatus stygius.jpg (118815 bytes)
Their major target preys are those night flying moths.  
PWC_3305.jpg (154906 bytes) PWC_3299.jpg (151144 bytes) PWC_3301.jpg (156378 bytes)
Coccid Galls - The mimic target of the spider.
We found this spider once in Karawatha Forest Rocky Track. 

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2. A Revision of the Genus Poltys in Australasia (Araneae: Araneidae) - HELEN M. SMITH, Records of the Australian Museum (2006) Vol. 58: 4396. ISSN 0067-1975. 

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