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Messy Leaf Curling Spider - Deliochus zelivira 


This page contains pictures and information about Messy Leaf Curling Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female body length 12mm, male 8mm
This spider builds large messy retreat by curling a few green and dry leaves bound together by silks. Male and female can be found in the same retreat during breeding season. Males of this species are more often seen because they wandering around looking for females. Matured females are in the messy large retreat and hardly be seen.


DSC_0977.jpg (41836 bytes) DSC_0978.jpg (49059 bytes) DSC_0980.jpg (52158 bytes)
Mid summer Dec 2007 in Karawatha Forest, we saw this little spider wandering on the edge of a messy spider web. The web owner was hiding inside the curled leaf retreat.
DSC_0973.jpg (32429 bytes) 

Young female

DSC_0877.jpg (199821 bytes) DSC_0880.jpg (174293 bytes) DSC_0882.jpg (169173 bytes)
The spider builds messy web sheet as retreat on leaf.  
DSC_2826.jpg (100262 bytes) DSC_2828.jpg (130224 bytes) DSC_2829.jpg (321288 bytes)
Young female look similar to male with larger abdomen. The dark brown strip patterns become paler in colour when the female grow and totally fade out when the matures.
DSC_0465.jpg (113499 bytes) DSC_0487_2.jpg (127822 bytes)

Female and male in the same nest

DSC_6744.jpg (64783 bytes) DSC_6743.jpg (72484 bytes) DSC_6735.jpg (85639 bytes)
The spider builds nest on large green leaf by half rolling the leaf. We found once there a female and a male inside the nest. Male is about 1/4 size of the female and look quite different.
Female and male photos were taken on Aug 2008 in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon. 

1. Deliochus zelivira - The Find-a-spider Guide for Australian Spiders, University of Southern Queensland, 2008. 

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