White-spotted Pintail Beetle
Black Pintail Beetle
Wedge-shaped Beetle
Brown Darkling Beetle
Black Darkling Beetle
Ground Darkling Beetle
Chalcopterus Beetle II
Chalcopterus Beetle III
Pie-dish Beetle
Darth Vader Beetle
White-edged Darkling Beetle
Blue Darkling Beetle
Black Comb-clawed Beetle
Dark Green Comb-clawed
Striped Comb-clawed Beetle
Blown Comb-clawed Beetle
Green Comb-clawed Beetle
Bark Comb Clawed Beetle
Grey Comb-clawed Beetle  
Lycid-mimic Pollen Beetle
Bi-colour Pollen Beetle 
Blister Beetles  


Darkling Beetles - Family Tenebrionidae

This page contains information and pictures about Darkling Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Beetles in this family are medium in size. They are usually black or brown in colour. Some are dark blue or green with metallic reflection. They are highly variable in shape and with concealed antennal insertions. Their antenna are medium length, stout, either moniliform (antenna in which the antennomeres are about as long as wide and more or less bead-like) or incrassate (antenna in which the antennomeres gradually increase in width towards the apex ). Their legs are relatively long.
Adults feed on variety of decaying materials of plants, lichens or fungal. Many occur under rocks and in leaf litter.
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? sp. 
Larvae live in rotten woods, in soil or scavenging on ground at night. .


Subfamily Lagriinae - Long-jointed Bark Beetles

Beetles in this subfamily at least have one tarsal (leg) segment thicken. The tip antennal segment is often widen. 

Subfamily Tenebrioninae - True Darkling Beetles

Beetles in this subfamily are dark colours with metallic reflections. There are nine striae on elytra (longitudinal lines on wing-cover). 

Subfamily Alleculinae - Comb-clawed Beetles

Beetles in this subfamily have elongated narrow body. They have long and slender legs with combed tarsi.

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